Glasnost: Test if your ISP is shaping your traffic

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The goal of our Glasnost research project to make the Internet edge networks more transparent to end users. To learn more about how the Glasnost tool works and how we detect BitTorrent blocking, please refer to our NSDI 2010 paper.

You can download the source code of our testing tool as a tarball. Glasnost is released under a BSD-like license (see the included COPYING file). You can use this code to set up your own Glasnost test server. Please refer to the enclosed README file for details.

* Download Glasnost (Version: 01.03.2011)

* Glasnost on Google Code

We are interested in your feedback. If you want to report a bug or contribute a patch, please contact us.


Who are we?

We are researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems. Our research focuses on characterizing residential broadband networks and understanding their implications for the designers of future protocols and applications. In case you have questions about this tool or our research, please visit our network transparency project webpage or contact us via e-mail: broadband @at@ mpi-sws mpg de

Faculty   Students   Alumni
* Krishna P. Gummadi
* Ratul Mahajan (Microsoft Research)
* Stefan Saroiu (Microsoft Research)
  * Marcel Dischinger
* Massimiliano Marcon
  * Saikat Guha (Microsoft Research)
* Andreas Haeberlen (University of Pennsylvania)
* Alan Mislove (North Eastern University)

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